Welcome to my website.  I am an amateur photographer who likes to travel, though this summer it has mostly been around my garden.  

How to travel around this website:- start on the Portfolio page, and click on one of the Galleries listed on that page. You will find more Galleries by going to the top Menu bar, either listed there or under the More option. You can also find these Galleries by scrolling down beyond the Portfolio page.

To see the photos full size, click on one of the rather large thumbnails; then you can scroll through the rest either by clicking on the forward or back keys on your keyboard or by using the arrows on the side of the photos. Some of the Galleries are divided into different sections; to access these you have to exit the full size and then scroll back to the top of the Gallery.

There are a lot of photographs here, so it's not designed to be The Best of The Best. This website is mainly a way to share photographs of some of the wonderful places I've been to. I've generally selected those images which I feel have a strong composition, a mood, some graphic quality or tell a story. Or, specially in Ladakh, which I've visited six times, I show the people I've met, in particular the young nuns I was teaching - and playing cricket with . I am the principal fundraiser for a small charity there so you will find several portraits of the old people, mostly refugees from Tibet, whom the charity supports. Most of the Ladakh photographs can be found from the More option.

I have recently added a lot of photographs from my trip to Oman last November. These are mainly for the group I travelled with; I will edit and reduce this Gallery in due course.

I am a retired architect living in London, and a member of Muswell Hill Photographic Society.  I've won a couple of local competitions and occasionally show my photographs in exhibitions. I hardly use Photoshop but I take great care in how I crop the images. This website is new (May 2020) and I am steadily trying to improve it. All the images are copyright.

Graham Parkinson